Live #15

Hidden In Plain Psyche - Derby - 5th August 2017

DiseasesOfVenus - The Vulpinz - Azzurro Peaks - Mangabros - Black Spring - Grey Frequency - Pulselovers - Experimental Sonic Machines


Live #13

Sheffield (TBC)

Voltage Controlled Music


Live #11

Weird Garden - Lincoln - 20th May 2017

Yoyotte - Pulselovers - Lombutroup - Experimental Sonic Machines

My second time at the awesome Weird Garden art space in Lincoln, this time playing a 40 minute Pulselovers set (my longest set to date). Mainly playing material from the first album, but with a couple of new tracks which have been written for inclusion on  two of the wonderful A Year In The Country collections. I recorded this set in proper bootleg style on my iPhone which I'll probably dump online somewhere in the near future.

Setlist: Eternal Return/Endless Repeats - Last Day of Summer - Phantom Cinema - Autumn Arrives - Soundtrack V - Badby 80

M+H - Laptop running Reason - Panorama P4 - Bass Station 2


Live #9

Concertina Club - Mexborough - 24th November 2016


I was invited to create a new score to the 1916 epic film 'Intolerance' by the Cosy Cinema Club from Mexborough. At over 3 hours, this turned out to be much tougher than I'd anticipated, however the end result was very rewarding. I used a combination of existing material, half written sketches and improvisation which attempted to enhance the drama on the screen. The end result has only been performed the once, but I'm considering releasing is as a free download later in 2017.

Setlist: (Included) Last Day of Summer - Autumn Arrives - Saturnalia - Soundtrack 5 - Stealth - Timbral Awake - Unresolved Issues - Cask in E - Drone #2 - Flatlands

M+H -  Laptop running Reason - Panorama P4 - Bass Station 2 - Kalimba

Live #7

Blackfest - Harworth - 20th August 2016

13 Women - The Barmines - Billy Bibby & the Wry Smiles - Early Morning Blues Band - HC2 - The Kavaliers - Metroid - Mia Lindsey - New York Tourists - Pulselovers - Sabella - Scarlet - Simple Poets - The Stray Hounds - Tom Rolley

I was thrilled to be asked to attend this annual festival which took place in the small village of Harworth just outside Doncaster. Tony joined me again on guitar and we played to a pretty packed house. The audience were surprisingly receptive at a gig which was mainly blues, folk and indie based. This turned out to be the last Blackfest, which is a shame as I'd love to have returned again.

Setlist: Last Day of Summer - Phantom Cinema - Autumn Arrives - Soundtrack 5

M+H - Laptop running Reason - Panorama P4 - Bass Station 2
Tony Nicholson - Guitar

Live #5

Weird Garden - Lincoln - 23rd April 2016

Experimental Sonic Machines - Diseases of Venus - Lupus - Manga Bros

Taking place in a great little artists hangout named 10 Decimal Place in Lincoln, this was a great meeting of similarly minded artists and bohemians who really seemed to enjoy the improvised racket made by myself and Mr Manga. This was the first outing of the 'Paintbox', a home made instrument made from the guts of a dead guitar and a watercolour box. Using only this, a kalimba, some pedals, a couple of iPads , contact mics and field recordings, and not much else we created a 40 minute set later released on BandCamp.

Setlist: N/A

M+H - iPad - Paintbox - Kalimba - Flute - Pedals - Field Recordings
Craig Manga - iPad - Looper - Vocals 

Live #3

Dada Bar - Sheffield - 2nd February 2015

Hausfrau - Voltage Controlled Music vs Eigenfrequenz

Teaming up with Derek Williams and his Voltage Controlled Music  and Tim Phillip's amazing Eigenfrequenz project, the three of us played a 50 minute set of Berlin School improvisations on the last night of trade for Sheffield's Dada Bar. Also on the bill was the awesome Hausfrau, who did her Lynchian-noir electro-diva thing which really set the bar high for us to follow.

Setlist: N/A

Derek Williams, Tim Phillips, M+H - Korg Micropreset - Korg MS20 Mini - Korg Poly 6 - Roland CR-78 - Roland CR 8000 - Roland Juno 60 - Roland SH09 - Roland SH101 - Roland TR606 - Roland TR 707 - Roland VP330 - Yamaha DX7 - Doepfer Dark Time - Jen SX100

Live #1

West Street Live - Sheffield - 22nd October 2013

Dorian Cramm (solo) - Voltage Controlled Music - Uncles of Wise

My first time on stage since playing Joseph in the nativity at aged 6. Here I joined Derek Williams, Doncaster synth legend, for an hour of improvised electronica using a small armoury of Mr W's vintage gear. As I would later get used to, the audience was small but appreciative, however my nerves were so bad, I hardly noticed.

Setlist: N/A

Gear: Too much to mention, but all over 30 years old and mainly made in Japan

Live #14

Humber Street Sesh (SquareWaves Stage) - Hull - 5th August 2017

Pulselovers + More TBA


Live #12

New Weird Planet 3 at Doncopolitan HQ - Doncaster - 24th June 2017

Meson - Mangabros - Shell Our Moon - Mat+Handley - Scented Poetry - Floodlights


Live #10

New Weird Planet 2 at Doncapolitan HQ - Doncaster - 24th March 2017

Crawlform - Experimental Sonic Machines - Diseases of Venus - Mutil8 Project - Juxtavoices - Azzurro Peaks - Jumble Hole Clough

Just over 12 months since the first NWP. I'm taking part again in the second. This time in a smaller capacity, with a very short set of improvised noise with Craig Manga as part of his Mutil8 Project. I'll also be providing a between set soundtrack of strange noise and ghostly melody (in other words, a DJ set!). Get your tickets while they're hot...

Setlist: 10 minute improvisation

M+H - Kalimba - Paintbox - Pedals 
Craig Manga -  Volca Kick, Bass, Samples

Live #8

Flying Scotsman Tap - Doncaster - 16th September 2016

Pulselovers - Duck - Brutalist Architecture In The Sun - Jan Doyle Band

After attending dozens of Derek Williams DEF shindigs, he finally invited me to take part in one in the Autumn of 2016. First on the bill before the punky and quirky Duck from Sheffield, the epic synthpop of Brutalist Architecture in the Sun and the electro-goth dramatics of Derek's own Jan Doyle Band. The audience was tiny but appreciative, and I was greatful to the wonderful Tony Nicholson and his ebow for managing to keep playing when my laptop crashed 30 seconds into the set.  

Setlist: Untitled - Last Day of Summer - Phantom Cinema - Autumn Arrives - Soundtrack 5 - Untitled

M+H -  Laptop running Reason - Panorama P4 - Bass Station 2 
Tony Nicholson -  Guitar/Ebow

Live #6

Humber Street Sesh (Squarewaves Stage) - Hull - 6th August 2016

Circuit Bird - Slvshthree - Vox Cornelius - Bing Satellites - Ten - My Pleasure - Electro Furnace - Pulselovers - Mattu - Abezilla - Myonemanband - Worried About Satan

Fantastic all day festival in the heart of Hull in the midst of a reasonable hot summer. Hull collective Squarewaves contacted me and asked me to perform on their own curated stage where I shared the bill with the brilliant Worriedaboutsatan, Mattu and Abezilla. This was the first Pulselovers gig that I did without Tony's support, but it went without a hitch and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to play the festival again in 2017 if they'll have me!

Setlist: Last Day of Summer - Phantom Cinema - Autumn Arrives

M+H -  Laptop running Reason - Panorama P4 - Bass Station 2

Live #4

New Weird Planet 1.1 at Doncopolitan HQ - Doncaster - 2nd February 2016

Experimental Sonic Machines - Floodlights - Dark Static - Pulselovers - Tape Noise Dex - Manga Bros

The first NWP mini festival took place on Copley road in what was essentially a shared office space occupied by the wonderful people behind the Doncopolitan magazine. A brilliant evening of tribal drumming, sage burning, Super-8 destroying and off kilter music including the first live performance of Pulselovers. Aided and abetted by Tony Nicholson of Donny legends Passion Play, who would still provides support and encouragement for my live encounters.

Setlist: Last Day of Summer - Phantom Cinema - Autumn Arrives - Soundtrack 5

M+H -  Laptop running Reason - Panorama P4 (M+H) 
Tony Nicholson - Guitar - Pedals


New Weird Planet 1 at the Woolpack - Doncaster - 24th January 2015 

Icicle Boy - John Merrick's Remains - Vamonos P - Manga Bros

My second ever gig, and a bit of a disaster. I played an improvised set which was supposed to be a segue to the headliners Manga Bros. Unfortunately, the Manga's laptop crashed meaning I had to extend my poorly prepared set longer than a lot of the crowd were able to listen to. Sets by the fabulous Icicle Boy and the crooning electro punk of John Merrick's Remains more than made up for it though.

Setlist: N/A

M+H - Laptop running Cecilia and Reason - Panorama P4 - Vocoder - Bowed drum